Thursday, March 18, 2010


A Rose for the Crown was alright. It always takes some time to get used to multiple viewpoint pov. I don't feel close enough to the main character and it keeps the story from sticking with me. It keeps me from making the book into a page turner. 3rd person multiple viewpoint makes it forgettable and horribly confusing if you are just reading to read and haven't fallen in love with the characters....which is what this book was.

First person? ehhhh. I like it more than multiple pov, but I do prefer 3rd person single viewpoint better than all. 2nd person in a novel just irritates me, makes me feel like I am being preached at. 

But I digress, I know this story could not have been told any other way. There was way too much going on, for it to be anything but what it was. So it was in the stories best interest for sure, but I wish she would have not jumped viewpoints mid-chapter and sometimes it seemed mid paragraph. Maybe she wasn't and I didn't get what she was up to, like I said I wasn't in love with the characters or the book. There were so many characters of the same name that it did get confusing when Jack was talking about John and John and Richard and Richard. After awhile I got used to it, but it took pleasure away from the novel.

One major complaint I have....Judith Merkle Riley's review on the book cover...." Move over Amber St. Clare!..." HA! This heroine had nothing on Amber St. Clare. Kate, the main character of the novel, is so not the femme fatale that Amber is nor is she as devious or as wicked when it counts.  She is not out for glory as Amber. Amber ran her own life, Kate? Did within reason and perhaps that is why I just didn't fall in love with the book. Headstrong she was, I will give her that, but it was all reasonable and rational.

I have stayed with historical novels for the time being and have started Margaret George's Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. The novel, thus far (the whole 59 pages I have been able to read) have been absorbing. It is the kind of book I would like to spend a lazy rainy day with. It is Third Person single viewpoint and that makes all the difference. It is also geographically pleasing.

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