Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have struggled to write a coherent post lately. Mostly I forget until its late and nearly time for bed, so I say to myself I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow has become September. Oops!

I also propose that September be changed to Emotember (stolen idea from a board member- thanks!) as most people, it seems, are having a case of the mondays all month long. I am not excluded from this. I train interns. And one of my interns recently snapped his fingers at a coworker of mine to make a point for her to email him with a scheduled appointment.Eeeek! He is lucky she did not rip him to shreds as I know she is capable of. I have seen the feisty little woman make her voice be heard more than once! I snap at my dog to get her to heel. But she is NOT a human being! Oy! And so the drama of my special intern has begun. He is just over-eager and really wants a lot of control in our little office. He will soon find control = an individual session. And that will be uncomfortable. So to extend a hand I am going to sit down with him later this week and "break the ice." Try to loosen him up a bit and remind him to have a sense of humor. We are humans working with other humans who have terrible problems. We have to have a sense of humor. But i also know there are some pre-conceived notions that all interns come in with. Our clinic serves a homeless substance abusing population and there is a lot of judgment out there and I have yet to meet an intern in my 5 years who want to work substance abuse. Sad, but true. 

I have been busy planning a trip to the northeast to see friends and do history geektastic stuff, like go take silly pictures with the statues of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, eat at the City Tavern (Martha Washington's Turkey Pot Pie here I come!) and wander New York City and central park. We are meeting several friends in Connecticut then road tripping to New York City, meeting up with more friends, wandering the city, then another road trip to Philadelphia to see more friends. Our flights were cheap! We are paying a total of $300 for a hotel and the rest of the money will be spent frugally. We are still saving for Europe, but I needed to get out of here.  So as of right now the trip total is in the comfortable range. The last trip out east was a killer on our wallet : O

I don't think that will happen this time!