Friday, January 20, 2012


The Kitchen was a battle for awhile. It's teeny tiny. enough space for one, but if there are two people in there you start bumping into one another. Not to mention sweet Em sitting below my feet as I cook, waiting for droppings. The rule is if I am stupid enough to drop it she gets it....most of the time, there is a huge list of foods Dogs cannot have that I am extra careful not to drop and if I do I will go in after it. She understands this and duly allows my fingers into her mouth/throat to fish it out. She is also a very good listener to the tone of my NO's.

Anyway my spices were all over the place. I cook that is where I find my happiness some nights and well the spices just get left on the counter. Partly because I had too many...too many that were way past their dates. Those got tossed and a new spice rack was purchased and organized. Ta-DA! I have a counter top that can be used for things other than random spice jars!

The same weekend I found new plates! I did not buy them yet as I am still deciding on color, but that should be this weekend. I am thinking yellow, green, and blue. They are solid colored and stone ware. I hope they last as long as the current set has....15 years. My what a long time, but well worth the $80 I paid for them way back when.

And then it was onto the coat rack. I just got a over the door rack for the pantry door and Voila! my dining room chairs can now be seen and not a mere suggestion.

Next? the dishes are to be purchased and the office to be properly sorted out. I plan to start yoga this Sunday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plans for 2012

My first project of 2012 has been to re-organize and organize our home. My office, which I love and used to do Yoga in, has become the laundry room. That is being worked out, but it is an ongoing battle with the lack of hampers in this house. What the hell we did do with our laundry for the last 7 years that we have lived here I am not sure, but I don't remember it encroaching into my personal space quite like it is now.

....enter the 3 bin laundry sorter....I think it's more for one person and NOT a couple, but it's working.

kind of.

So why the big push for a space I tend to forget about? --I realize that is why it was over taken by laundry in the first place, but some how I expect when I leave my room in a fit state for it to stay in that state. The laundry fairy has deemed otherwise. I want to paint one of the walls and re-start my annual new years/spring struggle for a decent at home exercise practice. I could do my daily practice in the living room, but it is not my space. I like the good juju that lingers in my room after a fulfilling practice, its a cosy room full of my things. The living room while it has my and his things is a might bit more cavernous and cold. The juju, while still good, is a lot more spread out and does not feel immediate.

Am I making a bit of sense?

However there is a lot more to this project. So in short order, without a lot of fluff:

1) Kitchen: spices, dishes, and a new kettle please!

2) Entry way needs a COAT RACK! I loathe to see coats hung on backs of my puny dining room chairs.

3)   Yarn Stash is OUT OF HAND

4) Who in the hell buys black/brown finished wood in the desert? Oh yeah I do. UGH

5) Master bath needs a paint job, shower curtain, towels, and flooring!

6) My junk. I am not talking about the material junk I leave lying around or piled in corners...but my personal junk that has seeped out and has stopped me from not quitting smoking or exercising.

7) My 19th/20th century addiction is in check but I think I want to dedicate a lot more time to the history of it. Historical non-fiction and fiction were my primary focus for this blog way back when I started it and I have really lost that thread!

8) Fun with paint and tile! I want to learn to make a mosaic this year, make one, and hang it in the entry way to take the place of the run-of-the-mill-home-improvement-store mirror that is there now. Preferably re-purposing the mirror for the mosaic.

9) renew my license before I have to send them any more money for being late.

10) Buy a bike. nothing fancy, just something to tootle around on and enjoy the springtime before the blistering heat sets in. Id also like a little wagon to attach to it so I could take Em. I am not sure her short little legs could keep up running next to me and she would so enjoy the wind in her face! Probably as much as I do.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

I have been away a while. I didn't really have time to come here. I was just too busy between work, knitting, family, weddings, friends, illness, and the garden. Believe it or not the garden still survives! I don't have any recent photos so you will have to take my word for it. Even after the unseasonable soggy cold weather we have had the garden has pulled through swimmingly. One pepper plant got a little frost, but for the most part everything survived the downpours and the frigid temperatures. We dipped down to 35-32f a few days out of several weeks in November and while me and everyone I knew came down with 2011's last viral hurrah the garden still survives. I am most grateful for that.

Happy New Year!