Sunday, February 13, 2011


This past Friday I had to adjust my weekend routine so my husband could have the car to go to work on Saturday and Sunday. So I made my list of groceries and after dropping him off at home I made my way first to Hobby Lobby to stock up on some Caron Simply Soft Brites! Yarn (to keep myself occupied) and then onto the grocery store. 2 hours later I was back home and getting ready to throw together some calzones.

That adjustment to the weekend schedule freed up my whole Saturday to focus on me, what I wanted to do, opposed to what I had to do. It was very freeing. I love my husband, but sometimes I just need our house to myself and it could not have come at a better time. 

This past week I ordered and received some great books from Amazon. I will add the books in the sidebar in a little while. I also bought myself a journal. I haven't journaled consistently in years. I last committed to one in 2001-2002. After 2002 it turned into an after thought. I started again in 2007ish. I bought a big sketch book, crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, and markers and was pretty consistent for about 6 months. But I got tired of the morning schedule. I get up earlier than God and it was draining me to get up a half hour earlier to write in my journal before all the other words, judgments, assumptions, emotions could rush in. It was not working. 

This time I am writing in it as I did in 2001-2002. It worked then to wait for quiet time or when it struck me to write, and I did it everyday. I usually did it late at night, before bed, emptying my day onto the page, working out the dilemmas of the day. This time I am going to use some of those fantastic books I bought and a book called Creative Journaling to help me along my way. 

So what did I do this weekend? Cleaned up my computer for a start. It had been freezing up and needed a tune up- so it got one. I continued to work on my personal statement for the MSW program I am applying to. I did some laundry, played soccer with the dog, and worked out how to crochet a hexagon using Lucy at Attic 24's instructions. I finally worked that out today and am adoring the colors I chose. I hope that when I send these to the little girls I intend it to go to it will be loved and toted around for years to come. Last but not least I journaled every single day. I have been examining some of my behaviors and irrational ideas. It was a great place to start putting it down.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last summer I became frustrated with writing. So frustrated I tossed the lot of it and gave up.  Giving up is not something I do easily and so when I actually said to myself  "I give up" I thought I was serious. Recently, I have re-evaluated.  I miss writing. I miss creating something that is purely my own. Thus, I will dig out my last notebook and begin again.  There is a fair amount of decent stuff in there.

So I guess I need to fake it til' I make it. This is the winter slump, it has been a long, cold winter and soon enough it will begin to heat up and by the middle of July I'll be dying for it to cool down. But this issue is also more than just the winter blues. I get frustrated with myself because I can't stay focused. I am easily distracted and then I forget what I was doing. So I have decided to start simplifying. And as much as I hate schedules and routines I am going to have to start one, just to get myself used to doing the things I enjoy on a regular basis and not get distracted by something with sparkles or worse....says its urgent when it is anything but!

I guess more people in my life are going to start hearing " After I have finished with this."