Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Whoa! Dancing was a great book, but heavy heavy on the information and I need to take a breather before moving on to Fatal Purity. So I picked up an easy read.... and have just started it. It could be too simple, but we shall see. A Rose for the Crown appears (in the first 100 pages) to be pretty straight forward, peasant girl gets a chance, peasant girl meets prince charming, they fall in love, the end.  Nothing wrong with that, as it is the way they get there that is the interesting part. It's been ages since I read anything about The War of the Roses. My history will be fuzzy and that will be to the authors advantage. I won't get my knickers in a twist when the author takes too many creative liberties. (yes, I can and do complain a lot about that!) I think this is a book my mother just may love so I will save it to pass it on to her. 

My crochet afghan is coming along nicely. It is 48X48, maybe a little larger as I have worked on it since the last measurement was taken. I used an acrylic ombre yarn in purples, blues, and greens. It is quite pretty. I also used a solid band of lavender to break it up a little. I think it will go great in a little girls room and I hear the little girl I am making it for will be here next month! It will be hard not to give it to them when I see them, but I will wait until her birthday and have it shipped. When it is finished I will post a pic, but not until then as I can't wait to finish and block it.

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