Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yarn everywhere and none I want to use

It seems that once a month I post. It's nothing personal. I just do not think of it, but since Autumn is upon us (finally) and winter is just round the bend my knitting needles have come out. And I have completed 2 hats since the beginning of September. One for my husband from limulusknits  which is a 4x4 rib. Its a nice hat, a little wonky towards the end ( I think I was tired of dpns) and one for me from i dream of knitting. His hat is a a little short for his head, I will have better luck next time! And mine is a little too long. I suppose I added too many rows of seed stitch. Again "Oh well, better luck next time." The hat itself is adorable and I imagine when my hair is curly ( as I sometimes wear it) I will be thankful for the little extra give to the fabric.

Some time ago I purchased some Noro Silk Garden because I liked the colors ( a sucker for variegated yarn) and brought it home. Its been sitting in my stash, in its ball and now I take it out I don't really care for it. I am going to make yet another hat from it I think. I love hats, not that here in sunny Phoenix,AZ you actually need them, but I like them. And best of all they are easy and fast to whip up.