Friday, February 5, 2010

Have I found a new gem!?

As the title of my blog suggests I am obsessed. Obsessed with history, particularly with Restoration England, the French Revolution, and a pretty big francophile and Anglophile. I am nearly done with James Tipton's Annette Vallon and would like to remain in the same era, rather than traverse into Renaissance Scotland/ England and read Mary Queen of Scots. I knew I should have started with her first!  But who knows that could have led me off into a whole other era and I am really happy where I am at the moment.

I'll get to that book eventually, later this year. But I have an awful lot of reading to do now to fulfill my current learning compulsion.

The new gem I think I have found is Dancing to the Precipice: the Life of Lucie de La Tour de Pin , Eyewitness to an Era by Caroline Moorhead. At first I wondered if this was the same author who wrote that horrid Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette, but thankfully it is not!  Hidden Diary was just drab,cold, and dry. It lacked emotion and detail in the retelling of history and if I had wanted that I would have bought a textbook.

Dancing is non fiction, a biography, that is pieced together from the memoirs of an incredible survivor.Below is an article from Time on this amazing woman....the article does not talk about this particular book though.

The reviews are good, but I have a hard time putting much faith in reviews. I am ordering it, by the time I am finished with Annette it should be here....Yippee!

Sometimes I think I should have just become a librarian. I probably would have been so much happier.

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