Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last summer I became frustrated with writing. So frustrated I tossed the lot of it and gave up.  Giving up is not something I do easily and so when I actually said to myself  "I give up" I thought I was serious. Recently, I have re-evaluated.  I miss writing. I miss creating something that is purely my own. Thus, I will dig out my last notebook and begin again.  There is a fair amount of decent stuff in there.

So I guess I need to fake it til' I make it. This is the winter slump, it has been a long, cold winter and soon enough it will begin to heat up and by the middle of July I'll be dying for it to cool down. But this issue is also more than just the winter blues. I get frustrated with myself because I can't stay focused. I am easily distracted and then I forget what I was doing. So I have decided to start simplifying. And as much as I hate schedules and routines I am going to have to start one, just to get myself used to doing the things I enjoy on a regular basis and not get distracted by something with sparkles or worse....says its urgent when it is anything but!

I guess more people in my life are going to start hearing " After I have finished with this."

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