Saturday, November 27, 2010


Being from Phoenix, AZ I don't get to see one of these often. I freak when I get to see a jack rabbit. Just imagine the excitement when I saw this little guy. We went to NewYork City and Philadelphia in November. There were plenty of squirrels in central park, but Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia was positively crawling with these cute little guys! We got to utilize our hats and they kept us warm and oh so cozy. Thing is I couldn't handle 10 days away from my knitting needles....I came prepared for the onset of the symptoms. And started another hat. another 4x4 rib, in a lovely purple, green, teal, variegated yarn.

I loved our vacation! I really loved meeting all the boardies that came out to see us and the folks we stayed with. But I was ready to come home and see my dawg. I missed her so much! I was so excited in fact that I *lost* the hat! We had not checked in 24 hrs ahead of time for the flight so we were stuck in the 2nd and 3rd last rows of the plane. I was blessed by sitting in front of some kid of about 10 or 11 years old that went stir crazy an hour into the flight and began to play musical chairs. Up-hair pull-down-hair pull-up-hair pull- down hair pull. Then he began to kick the backs of the seats! It was a lovely flight. So by the time we actually got to get off the plane I was BURSTING with a bit of irritation and a TON of excitement to go get the lovely dawg from her kennel. I shoved the bag of yarn and needle into a free space in one of the suitcases, or I thought I did. By the time we put away the suitcases no yarn, half finished hat, or needles had been found =O

24 hours later my husband found them! WHEW! I was way more upset about losing the needles then the hat.

During my mad crazed search for historical sites (there are many in Philly) I came across some lovely urban crochet! 

These were across the street from the design school in center city. 

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